Strainii din Kipukua pdf

Despre carte:

A storyteller, whom no one asks who he is or what his name is, relates several incidents that suggest the existence of another reality than the one he participates in through his daily existence. Apparently, the problem of the Kipukua Strangers is one of identity (loss, regaining, returning to one’s roots – in a word, borrowed identity) under the political nomadism of the late 20th century. The pages of the book, however, take us out of the time of the real and bring us closer to the shivering realm of the sacred. By projecting man into sacred space, the author implicitly betrays the ultimate message of the book: truth, as Sartre would say, as the gradual unveiling of Being, as Being illuminated.
(Aurel Sasu)


Autor: Valeriu Anania
Editura: Polirom
Colectie: Seria de autor – Valeriu Anania
Anul aparitiei: 2.021
Luna aparitiei: 6
Tip coperta: Cartonata
Numar de pagini: 304
Format: 160 x 235
ISBN: 9789734616817
Cod de bare: 9789734616817

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