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All the bitterness of being evaporates at the idea that it is always within our power to curb it, that we hide within ourselves the immense freedom of our absence, and that we can redeem our fall into barren pain or banality by the negative genius of suicide. Were we not able to imagine – and thus console ourselves – the occasion by which we would realize, the infinite act of self-liberation, life would have no escape from itself, and the octave of breath no inkling of the void. But this idea makes a master of each of us, without being a slave because we do not pass it into fact. Could it be that the real suicides are those that are not consummated? Having the sure recipe of evil and yet carrying it on… (CIORAN)


Autor: Emil Cioran
Editura: Humanitas
Colectie: Seria de autor Emil Cioran
Anul aparitiei: 2.021
Tip coperta: Cartonata
Numar de pagini: 128
Format: 130 x 200
ISBN: 978-973-50-6719-9
Cod de bare: 9789735067199

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