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This book brings to light the hidden truth about what happened in Iasi during a few days in June 1941. Although only 5.6% of the country’s population was still Jewish after the census of Greater Romania the previous year, in Iași this minority was half of the city’s population. When war broke out, the Holocaust was unleashed against them: 14,850 immediately fell victim to it, before being deported en masse to Transnistria. In a society where anti-Semitism permeated everyday life and was daily stirred up by the press, the military decision to deport this mass of Jews from the border overnight, seen as a risk of sabotage in the war in the East that was about to begin, created panic and provoked violence. Evacuation led to elimination. The climate of rabble-rousing was contributed to in particular by the Legionnaires and the Cossacks, free to ravage, loot and kill. This book documents not only the crimes committed by the rulers, but also the fearful passivity of half the people of Iasi. Bringing together in one volume the deplorable and dishonourable evidence is an essential act for the entire collective memory of Romania, which must keep its remorse alive. (Academician Andrei Pippidi)

The Iasi Pogrom is probably the best known event in the history of anti-Jewish murders in Romania. It was a violent anti-Semitic outburst of great proportions, but it was neither isolated nor accidental, being part of a long series of mass killings committed by some Romanians. The number of victims of the pogrom in Iași could not be established with accuracy. According to various sources, it varies between 3,200 and 12,000 people. (Radu Ioanid)


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