Istoria literaturii romane contemporane 1990-2020 pdf

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This book is the first history of post-communist Romanian literature. It is called History of Contemporary Romanian Literature as a tribute to E. Lovinescu, who published two exemplary histories with this title, but also to correct a misunderstanding about the current meaning of ‘contemporary literature’. Most of the histories published in Romania in recent decades exclude – for lack of interest or receptivity – precisely recent literature, the literature that is written in the present. Of course, it is more convenient and prudent to propose a canonical list only after time has completed its filtering and crystallizing action. I have preferred to take a risk, even betting on an approach that no longer discerns in literature only aesthetics, in the narrow sense constructed by the Romanian critical tradition of the last half century. Although the book is subtitled 1990-2020, acknowledging the role played by the fall of communism in shaping a new literary period, its lower limit is anchored in the 1980s, with threads back to the 1960s and 1970s or even much earlier, in the 19th century. The political, ideological and cultural mapping of the three decades since the fall of communism in Romania is combined with a detailed genre overview and an investigation of the transnational relations of contemporary Romanian literature. (Mihai Iovănel)


Autor: Mihai Iovanel
Editura: Polirom
Anul aparitiei: 2.021
Luna aparitiei: 4
Tip coperta: Cartonata
Numar de pagini: 712
Format: 150 x 235
ISBN: 9789734683444
Cod de bare: 9789734683444

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