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Edited edition, translation from Greek and Latin, introductory study and notes by Andrei Cornea

Is Epicurus still relevant to modern man? Can his message still say something today to a man interested in knowledge, ethics and culture, but outside a narrow sphere of specialists and lovers of antiquity? I believe we have some essential reasons to answer in the affirmative.
First, there is a good chance that his wise combination of hedonism and asceticism will, if well known and understood, resonate with modern man. He shows us that we can be happy, living pleasantly and at the same time wisely and justly, thus protected from excesses that inevitably lead to suffering. Epicurus then teaches us to be self-reliant and assures us that we can choose our lives optimally – there is freedom and we can be free people in almost any circumstances and however the fates may fall. Thirdly, the Garden philosopher reminds us of another precious thing we have almost forgotten, dominated as we are by universal indifference: friendship.
The fundamental lesson of Greek philosophy is that, far from being an academic fad and a more or less subtle theoretical fad, philosophy is the choice of an optimal and coherent way of life. Ancient philosophy is therefore a kind of soul-building, and the particular nuance that Epicurus adds to this teaching is the following: do not tense up, arrogantly separating yourself from everything that is common; moreover, behave thoughtfully and humanely both to those around you and to yourself and, remember, laugh too! Is it much, is it little, is it nothing, is it essential? Let the reader decide. – ANDREI CORNEA

Contents: Note on the edition – An introduction to Epicurus’ philosophy – Epicurus’ texts preserved in full – Letter to Herodotos – Letter to Pythocles – Letter to Menoiceus – Fundamental maxims – Gnomologium Vaticanum – Epicurus’ Testament – Fragments of lost books – Fragments of letters – System of Epicurean philosophy (Prolegomena, Canonica, Physica, Ethics) – Epicurus’ life – Essential Epicurean vocabulary – Index nominum


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