Dimineti la Café Rostand. Memorii pdf

Despre carte:

Essays, memoirs, memories. Communism, dictatorship, Albania, Paris, cafés, censorship, literature, conflict.
Ismail Kadare’s book is about all this and much more, and divides his time between the traumas and sufferings of the dictatorship and the reveries that his favourite café in Paris, Cafe Rostand, that place at the heart of the French capital’s cultural life, where editors, writers, dreamers, artists and prisoners can meet for a coffee that warms hearts and souls and provides an opportunity for speeches and reminiscences. Of course, this is not a typical Kadare, here metaphors give way to personal or global tragedy, we no longer hide behind the Ottoman Empire or Skanderbeg, but the experiences of the past are put down on paper as they happened, raw, realistic and with a tinge of nostalgia for the country where nothing is the same anymore.


Autor: Ismail Kadare
Editura: Humanitas Fiction
Anul aparitiei: 2.021
Luna aparitiei: 1
Tip coperta: Brosata
Traducator: Marius Dobrescu
Numar de pagini: 288
Format: 130 x 200
ISBN: 978-606-779-760-2
Cod de bare: 9786067797602

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