Cantec de leagan de la Auschwitz pdf

Despre carte:

The novel Lullaby of Auschwitz is based on the true story of a brave German nurse who was entrusted with the care of the youngest Auschwitz prisoners. In doing so, Mario Escobar brings to life the story of Helene Hannemann, a woman who sacrificed everything for her family and fought fiercely for the children she hoped to save. Forced to work in the camp hospital controlled by Dr. Mengele himself, Helene does everything in her power, under inhuman physical and mental conditions, to protect the children in her care at all costs.


Autor: Mario Escobar
Editura: RAO
Anul aparitiei: 2.021
Luna aparitiei: 2
Tip coperta: Brosata
Traducator: Rao
Numar de pagini: 240
Format: 130 x 205
ISBN: 978-606-006-458-9
Cod de bare: 9786060064589

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