Banditii. Mica trilogie a marginalilor pdf

Despre carte:

The volume Bandits is the second of the Small Trilogy of the Outcasts, in which Sectantii appeared and Izgoi-Jidi is about to appear.

A boy from Bugeac, raised and educated by an exemplary family of sectants, discovers a world totally different from anything he had seen before: other ethics, other values and other rules. And its people look, dress, talk, think, act and sing differently. This is the empire of thieves – strangely tattooed people who have chosen to build their own society, untouched by official institutions, and for whom normality is strictly forbidden. Even sectarians consider them fallen angels. And if they cannot be saved, they are thrown into prisons, where they should be re-educated. But for them, prison is home, and even necessary if you want to become a bandit. The young boy from Bugeac is drawn to these outcasts after he accidentally befriends a famous, high-ranking thief from Odessa, who becomes a true master to him. Thus he enters an unknown and inaccessible world and discovers the mysteries of a community full of smugglers and cutthroats, pickpockets and prostitutes, murderers and beggars, who nevertheless pledge their lives to uphold a code of honour. The outlaws reveal in the negative the hidden, fascinating face of the outlaws and how heaven is seen by those who live in hell.


Autor: Vasile Ernu
Editura: Polirom
Colectie: Eseuri si confesiuni
Anul aparitiei: 2.021
Luna aparitiei: 1
Tip coperta: Brosata
Numar de pagini: 368
Format: 106 x 180
ISBN: 9789734683826
Cod de bare: 9789734683826

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